Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jon Cannon's Cathedrals

I still think the BBC should be shrunk, but only shrunk, not extinguished entirely. Occasionally it justifies itself and the licence fee. It does so with Jon Cannon's How to Build a Cathedral. Passionate, lucid and utterly uncondescending, it inspires piety, that rarest and most valuable emotion. The lantern at Ely is the climax - as it should be.


  1. Yep very good as too fossil detectives, but there is no evidence that says if the blessed beeb was not there they would not be made.

    I just don't like being forced to pay for it, and there is no justification in what should be a free open society that we need in any way shape or form a state sponsored news service.

  2. I like it. They produce those little oddities. How many people do you think express a wish to see Starlings. While Nige and three of his friends are the few who know there will be Butterflies 7-8 Thursday on 2. Most of the rest is a vote from the Chancellor and you never know what is tucked in along with the wage for the string section.

  3. I think it'll work. 5 minute comedy sketch panel shows by Harry, Paul, Alex, Ben, Paul, Ian, Dara, Alan, Sandy Toksvig, and Stephen. Cut out the specialist subjects on Mastermind and only allow students to enter. Turn EastEnders into a weekly newsletter, and have the 24 hr rolling news in a pop-up box in the corner (or ticker-tape along the bottom). Make man-on-man marking literally mean you have to hold your opponent's waist at all times and turn the Pasa Doble into the essential footballing tactic of the century, then hold all matches inside historic buildings - get the fans to sing hymns. Finally, play classical music as a soundtrack throughout Radio 4 - sorted!