Sunday, March 25, 2007

BST: The Machines Take Over

Rising early to prepare for and drive to my gig at the Oxford Literary Festival, I eventually notice that my watch disagrees with my computer clock. My alarm clock had been my Blackberry. Both the computer and the Blackberry had, of course, adjusted for British Summer Time. Until noticing my watch, I knew nothing of this. In time, all clocks and watches will adjust automatically and the arrival of British Summer Time will be known only to the machines.


  1. The machines, however, have not taken over completely. A large number of people turned up at my Oxford Fetsival gig late having missed the time changeand one man missed it entirely.

  2. Yeah, me too. Sorry, Bryan. Me, living my life like a candle in the wind...i.e. guttering. So far, so good, So London...

  3. Oop here in t'frozen North (aah, happy days...) t'was common for travellers t'appen upon an isolated farmstead and be wished happy xmas ect ect sometime around Easter. Rise with the lark.