Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two Handy Saturday Lists....

... the first is sixteen things it takes most of us fifty years to learn - number three is especially fine. This, of course, has something in common with my world-famous Tolerable Equanimity list. I've never tried this, however. It is a list of designs for rubber band guns. This is all very well, but, in my experience, accuracy is always a problem with these devices. The Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun would appear to be one solution, though one fraught with collateral damage, if not friendly fire, possibilities.
PS: Oh and here's a list of impossible stuctures, apparently made possible. Where would your Saturday be without my assiduous web crawling?


  1. Number 14 is excellent.

  2. I like number 12. I can't bear people being unnecessarily rude to waiters. It contravenes Kant's ethical rule that you should never treat people just as a means to an end.

  3. Yes, yes, Brit: No. 12 is what I was referring to when I said in the initial list Bryan solicited, Be very worried about a guy who stiffs the waiter on the tip: He is *not* generous, and you (meaning woman who dates him) will find that out in all kinds of ways.

    One of my brothers thinks daylight-savings time is an example of how the U.S. government controls us: *Forces* us to change time itself twice a year so that later ... the gov. can force us to do even more dramatic things.

    That bro of mine, btw, is named Andrew.

  4. Obviously whom the Gods wish to bless, they name Andrew.