Tuesday, March 27, 2007

McLaren and Rio: Are They Deep? No

The worst football team in the world is a great consolation. Here is something we can lampoon, deride and abuse in the knowledge that we are doing so in the name of both national interest and natural justice. So here is Steve McLaren, the sage of the dugout, on England's miserable draw with Israel - 'There's no problem with their attitude. They wanted to win. They failed to win on Saturday because they didn't score a goal, end of story.' Of course, why didn't I think of that? McLaren has seen into the very heart of things. Jeffrey Archer is not Shakespeare because he didn't write Hamlet. All is explained. Oh and, in the same story, here is that wonderfully distracted player, Rio Ferdinand. Responding to criticism that players paid so much might be expected to perform at least competently for their national team occasionally, perhaps once every ten games or so, he says, ' You don't hear it when people win things. It's only when it goes a bit pear-shaped that people say 'he's too rich', then start looking at the money and saying we're pampered. It's too easy an excuse that people use too often.' Er.... now focus, Rio. You are paid a lot because you are thought to be good footballers who will play well and yet, for England, you never do. Get it?


  1. Bryan, I'm so concerned. You describe the England team as 'a great consolation', which is, oddly enough, exactly the same phrase you use to describe my blog in your blogroll.

    Does that mean I'm also something 'we can lampoon, deride and abuse in the knowledge that we are doing so in the name of both national interest and natural justice'?

    My father used to say, if the thong fits, wear it, but this has me worried. I'm suddenly feeling great empathy with McLaren.

  2. Forgive me, Chip. I am excessively fond of that phrase, it serves many different purposes - in your case not ironically.

  3. Not at all. I just noticed it and thought I'd point it out. We all have phrase we cling to like the inner scaffolding of our minds.

    Hmm... Now I'm sounding like a Bernie Taupin lyric.

  4. If Israel had not sinned by playing on the Sabbath, they would have beaten England.


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