Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Joey versus Liverpool

Joey Barton - the footballer who talked sense and the hero of my Dark Side - has been 'arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage following an alleged argument with a taxi driver in Liverpool earlier this month.' Again I feel a certain empathy. I always get angry in Liverpool and taxi drivers can be an appalling provocation. Unlike your average brawling, vastly overpaid contender for the worst football team in the world, there is method in young Joey's madness. Doubtless, Liverpool will wring an apology out of him, it is a speciality of that self-important city. But, in time, Joey will triumph with an award-winning autobiography entitled Liverpool: My Part in its Downfall.


  1. According to the ever-reliable Daily Express (via BBC Online - a crucial distinction I feel compelled to draw): "England players have told coach Steve McClaren not to pick Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton because of his attitude."

    Haven't read the original report but, assuming there's any truth in it, I think we can hazard a guess at the "players" to which this might refer.

    And for "attitude" read "speaking one's mind"? This is the sport, after all, whose professionals branded Graeme Le Saux "gay" for, amongst other things, taking The Guardian. (There are better words unrelated to sexuality).

    And I'm with Boris all the way on Liverpool. At least the hubcaps should stop Rafa's trophy cabinet from looking too empty this season etc. etc. etc.

  2. He might well be "the footballer who talked sense", but on tonight's evidence Barton's also the footballer who can't shoot straight.