Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Inishyativ List

There was another Blair 'eye-catching inishyativ' (Voltron spelling) yesterday. It was something to do with 'truly personalised services', a phrase which has the unfortunate overtone of the tart's euphemism 'personal services'. These would do something or other to make things terribly good and wonderful. Of course, nothing will happen and this particular inishyativ will be forgotten by, at the latest, 3pm, which means many of you reading this will not have the faintest idea what I am talking about. Nevertheless, I feel a list coming on. How many Blair inishyativs have there been since 1997? In particular, how many stupid, entirely ineffective ones? There was, for example, taking hoodlums to cash machines to pay on the spot fines. Blair can do inishyativs because he understands the amnesia of the contemporary electorate and the hermetic parochialism of the Westminster media. The only way to stop him or his successor is to make a list.


  1. Blimy Bryan,

    Its Tuesday ... And I haven't the faintest... You are quite right... See its all Broown this morning....

    Gawd Luv a Duck. Unravelling at a frantic rate A bit quick for us oldies trying to savour.

  2. What you need, Sam, is an inishyativ.

  3. All in One Geographical Encyclopedia

    Inish Yativ

    Gaeilc speaking island off Crimean coast. Said to contain the lower intestine of Lord Byron.

  4. 1. Orange jumpsuits for offenders performing community service.

    2. The 'Respect Squad'

    Roll on Gordon Goon...

  5. Bliar wagged on about empowering people – getting to be a bit of a mantra that. The fact is that it’s getting to the point that we’re so confused by the choices that are on offer that instead of things happening, nothing’s happening. The government is over complicating things and demonstrates their ability to get further out of touch the longer they are in power.

  6. No no, Richard, it's the people who are out of touch. You are worthless scum who are not to be trusted by those who condescend to rule.