Friday, March 30, 2007

T.K.(J.) Maxx: the Faxx

I have never quite understood what T.K.Maxx was so, now that it has released 46 million credit card details to the criminal underworld, I decided it was time to find out a little more. The credit card fiasco is, incidentally, not Maxx's only problem. There is also a marshmallow issue in the UK. Anyway, T.J.Maxx, the American store was founded by Tracey Joleene Maxx and the British stores by her husband Trevor Kevin Maxx. Their fortune is built on the sale of classic madras shorts, the garment that defined the twenty-first century's craze for making men look as stupid as possible, brilliantly realised elsewhere by the craze for unstructured jeans mottled with strange, greenish blotches. The Maxx formula of buying up designers' worst mistakes and selling them to the gullible has proved a winner on both sides of the Atlantic. Tracey and Kevin now divide their time between Godalming and Boca Raton. In Boca, the local authority has made madras shorts compulsory in their honour. In Godalming they frequently entertain Sir Elton John and the Beckhams, though so far Gordon Brown has declined all their invitations.


  1. Bugger, they've got my wife's CC details!

    She bought a couple of rather nice suitcases at TK Maximus in Edinburgh for a knock down price.

    That's true, but Bryan you are so right in your post. They have clothes in their shops that cannot, absolutely cannot, ever have been offered at full price anywhere in the world. I swear there's a factory somewhere sowing on D&G, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Pierre Cardin labels. Most of their clothes look like they've been designed by blind people.

  2. I thought it was zubas that made men look as stupid as possible.

  3. I tried to read this, Bryan, I really did, but one of your MessageSpace ads left me biting my tongue and frothing at the mouth. I think they managed to synchronise it with my brainwaves... Can't I pay some kind of subscription and get rid of them?

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