Monday, February 09, 2009

A Band of the Bland Leading the Bland

Awards ceremonies are fine as long as you approach them in a condition of Zen-like detachment, devoid of all desire, hope and fear. So, sitting in the lotus position and chanting quietly to myself, I rather enjoyed what I saw of the Baftas and never once felt the need to point out that almost all the awards went to the wrong people. Meanwhile, my mind dwelling on emptiness, I note that Coldplay, an easy listening beat combo much enjoyed by cyclists, won two Grammies. Time to re-align my Chakras or some such.


  1. These awards involve essentially pointless people lauding other pointless people so that the rest of us will keep on spending money to make them feel they are not pointless.
    Just ignore it.

  2. I did, Philip Walling - it was the easiest thing I've done so far this year.

  3. Bit tough Phil to label the lauders or the laudees (the same people, surely?) as pointless. Yes, the films are US backed mainstream 'product' that feeds the masses with the fodder they demand (my wife forced me to watch a DVD of Mama Mia with her yesterday a movie which, I understand, has been spectacularly successful
    and which I found almost unwatchable, although I am a fan of Abba) and turns a buck - and blandleaders Coldplay, though selling themselves as creative 'artists', are thin on talent but thick, it seems, on making moolah. And who will argue that at this delicate time it world history, we don't need more folk who can get the money out of the pockets of bankers, and into the slough of despond?

  4. Is Katie W a real person? or is she one of those animation things from dreamworks?

  5. The Baftas perform an extremely usefull purpose, where else can we learn which DVDs to avoid like the plague.
    Winslet's acting ability is on a par with that other light in the dark tunnel of British talent, Kira Shitely, as she's known in the trade.
    Mahlerman, it ain't us watching Mama Mia, it's the burdz.

  6. Coldplay is mildly entertaining although their music does tend to sound the same. I can think of many groups that are superior that have no chance in a million years of getting a nomination. "Nightmare of You" will be doing a tour of Britain where they are always well received. I would give you more details but my office blocks MySpace. Anyway, I have seen them a couple of times and my teenage daughter thinks they are the bomb.

    Oh, and anyone who watches the Grammys has no right to complain about the state of music. ;-)