Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Eroticism of the End

Thanks, Andrew. Balls is wrong, it's much worse than that. Is it just me or is the thrill of reading about the end of the world erotic?


  1. Interesting that the original interview was on 27 Jan but has just been picked up by bloggers like Sullivan, going back to a far-out place last Wednesday but all down to a sharp-eyed lady on 30 Jan. I wouldn't call Roberta's presentation erotic but it sure packs a punch.

    Note Rep. Kanjorski spilled the beans on Holocaust Memorial Day. The last time we got in bad economic straights the results weren't good. My hunch is that, against the odds, we can be saved this time. Adrenaline rush, yes - but channeled right, as Captain Sully taught us just twelve days before this went out.

  2. "assets are going sour by the moment."
    Beats a lemon in the north & south I suppose, or the smell of napalm.

  3. I have noticed you're in quite high spirits these days.

  4. Wow, so not the time for daughter to log on to your blog...

  5. Hmm, I know what you mean, Bryan, it's a bit like ... no, hang on, no I don't. It is just you, you weirdo.

  6. If you and your partner like to read the Book of Revelation in bed and thrill to the final battle between Good and Evil, it can be very erotic, but if you're a Darwinist who gets sweaty palms over this sort of thing, you're just a sicko.

  7. Expanding the subject somewhat..
    Which of the following would you, well, you know. Answers on the back of a postcard please.

    Mrs Obama
    Mr Obama
    Nigella Lawson
    Nigel Lawson
    That skinny bird on the six o'clock news.
    The fat one in the Vicar of Dibley
    Your local vicar
    Any vicar
    Three estate agents
    The Churchill dog

    Well, it is 2009 after all, and anyhoo, it wasn't me who brought the subject up in the first place.

  8. Yea, me too. I found that about the Iraq war/Hutton fiasco as well. Today, economics is the new chick pulling card.
    It basically allows, mostly men, to talk about highly esoteric stuff that nobody else has a clue about. As Einstein knew, women (and men too) find that very hot.

  9. I am married to a Malaysian/Chinese/Australian woman...so I already know what its like to be dominated by the new world order....and all I can say its thrilling.

    She too likes to deliver an ultimatum now and again as well. Best thing to do is listen carefully, be respectful, and give her the money.

  10. That erotic thrill, Bryan, is reserved for those who are naturally apocalyptic. Shallow people like me get our jollies watching the point-of-no-return transmogrify into just another moment.

  11. All the above except the estate agents, Malty.

    I'm the Bishop of Southwark, it's what I do.

  12. Brit, I commend you on your ecclesiastical eroticism and holy good taste, estate agents are such boring proddies.
    Went to a wedding at your cathedral once, rollicking good do, nice music.