Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bankers and Balls

Well, that went quite well and the apologisers did rather break ranks with Affectless Bob on the matter of bonuses. Now, presumably, they will have to hand back their own ill-gotten dosh. Yeah, right. Meanwhile, Ed Balls has broken ranks with Brown by saying everything is terrible. Larry Elliott says this is a gift to the Tories but Danny suggests Balls meant to leave the Cameroons 'ideologically beached'. If so, then I find I am right again - it's a curse - and Balls is Prescott, a man who has risen to the top of politics on the basis of no political talent whatsoever. 


  1. Finkelstein's right not to accept the balls about "worst in a hundred years". Starting where we are now, it would take a catastrophe for it to be worse, in real terms, than what people went through in the 30s. Because history doesn't repeat itself (thanks kynefski) we don't know how bad things are going to be. Living content in that known unknown isn't what we do best - but it has to be worth a try, as it was just as true before we thought we had a crisis.

  2. I think they all did rather well, on the basis that they made in there and weren't lynched. The posh one, typical old style banker, thick but sounds in charge, sounded like he was in charge of the hookey one , his understrapper, who was lying through his teeth
    The two tartan ones fared rather better, owing to fact the chairperson was a porridge scoffer, they were also lying through their teeth but slightly more convincingly than the toff and his mate who in the end sounded and looked like their granny had caught them wanking.
    The toff was disadvantaged because we don't defer these days like wot we used to.
    The hookey one was at a disadvantage because everyone thinks he's Dell Boy, which he is. The other two, just a pair of con men.
    It is significant that Hornby has a Harvard MBA, the more of these things in circulation, the more the risk of business failure.
    On a serious note, would you have ever taken any of them into partnership with you.

  3. Impeccable match report, Malty.

  4. Goodness me, I wish I had the same cashpoint card as the Chinese govt.