Saturday, February 07, 2009

Read the Block's Chip

Read this now or you will be banned from the internet.


  1. Very nice! got any better pictures than the thumbnail in the top left corner?

  2. Look to your laurels Bryan, the dottirs are coming, Appleyardsdottir is overtaking on the pit straight.

    Incidentally, Which Richter's were being auctioned?

  3. Malty

    I think you'll find that the correct nomenclature is Bryandottir.

    Oooh, I do love an opportunity to be a pedant.

  4. given that i use the internet to hunt erotica/porn, i'm not sure this is post is morally justifiable, at least as regards me.

  5. Old Fleet Street Wisdom No 361

    "Always be nice to them when they're on the way up so that they will be nice to you when you are on the way down."

    I say without hesitation the Charlotte Appleyard is the finest journalist of her -- or indeed any other -- generation.

  6. 'beautiful but ubiquitous' is nice, i misread it as 'beautiful but iniquitous' at first.