Monday, February 09, 2009

Good Things

This blog is too negative, if not downright bitter, so here are some positive, sweet things:
2)Beat the recession bailiffs by renting out your house for porn movies.
3)Memes are dead.
5)Chinese Salsa. More Chinese Salsa.
6)A woman, 56, swam the Atlantic.
7)Above all: Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. Word to the wise, if your having your local pornographer around for a session, check your insurance, spills to walls and carpets I am told are a common complaint.

    And remember its an absolute NO if he or indeed she wants to bring the watersports team around. Thats of course if you don't mind a smell worse than a mice infestation.

    But you could always cover the costs by adding catering, Milk shakes are popular I am told on such occasions, and if the Watersports team are given the green light, As well as a trip to B&Q for some of those plastic decorating covers, Plenty of tea will be needed, so get yourself one of those industrial tea urns, and plenty of bicies, everyone these days seems to be a dunker.

  2. Sound advice, passerby.

    I keep seeing that Keep Calm poster everywhere at the moment.

    John Mortimer had it in his study and James off Top Gear was wearing it as a t-shirt on his booze tour with Oz Clarke.

  3. That poster is an updated version of "keep a stiff upper lip." It's why we love you Brits, we emotionally incontinent 'Mericans.