Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Round-Up

I have become very fond of the phrase 'Zombie Bank' and use it at every possible opportunity. Our own leading Zombie Bank - there I go again - has only lost £24.1 billion. I love that '.1'. How do they know? And, meanwhile, Zombie Banker Fred seems to have taken his pension early. This is insensitive in view of the fact that Quentin Tarantino is about to release the worst film ever. What went wrong with QT? He only had one film in him. He made that twice and then descended into Kill Bill etc.. On top of that stomach stapling has soared. People are so upset they are turning to food. And, finally, your host is once again short-listed in the press awards. So, apparently, is everybody else, but if Elberry does one of his goat dances I should be okay. Zombie Bank.


  1. My daughter calls them *Zombehs*

    Where we live they actually have the local high school combined with the Old Pioneer cemetery. I kid you not.

  2. Ha!
    Tarantino is my Morrissey.
    Ben Goldacre needs to look at those figures.
    I think you should win, I don't read anyone else.

  3. Good man, Ian. Strange place, Gypsy

  4. The anger generated by Goodwin and his ilk has for months had free expression on blogs and elsewhere. What I had hoped for, and what I suppose may arrive quite soon (and already has in some sectors), was a more tangible expression of that anger, which may lead to a more tangible resolution than the volumes of hot air. Do you remember, over thirty years ago, the rantings of Peter Finch in Network, and the completely believable responses of the millions who watched him on TV? "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more". Could we, should we, simply get out of our chairs, and demand something more than we appear to be getting?

  5. heartened by your remarks about QT. A friend of mine always refers to him as 'Quintin Talentzero'.

  6. Every cloud has a wotsit, as they say, if you look carefully there's an X5 in there somewhere.
    Short listing always sounds to me like they want you to do something for them and are just raising your hopes....

  7. Touch of the Joseph Hellers about Tarantino.

    Heller's answer to the accusation that he'd never written anything else as good as Catch 22 was "neither has anybody else."

    For Catch 22 read Pulp Fiction. 'Something Happened' is good in its way, as is Jackie Brown. But thereafter, sadly, rubbish from both.

    Reservoir Dogs fades a bit with time, I think, but Pulp Fiction just keeps shining brighter - what an amazing movie.

  8. Am cloppering and hallooing and braying about the office as i type, my goat skull on and my eyes yellow and evil with the voodoo. i think 'goat dance' is a line from a Joni Mitchell song?

  9. Cloppering! Magnificent coinage, Elberry.

  10. QTs next outing will be "Zombie banking bastards"

    A lone Journalist battles against the establishment to prove bankers are zombies, he is pensioned off to shut him up, but the payments dont arrive so he goes off to his local zRBS with a swords and AK47, where there is a big battle with the Zombie bankers, he gets away and is chased to a restaurant t in Canary wharf where the boss Zombie "fred the shred" is gorging on his customers and taxpayers, Lone journo is captured and taken to the top of Zombie towers and is about to be shredded, when Elberry comes in with his goat dance and trances the zombies and jorno and Elberry escape with the evidence back to his former employer who see it as a massive story that will save them from going bankrupt.

    Wins award, get the girl, gorgon thanks him for saving world.

  11. Brit, we mustn't forget Heller's contribution to the mayonnaise trade, where would our salad be without him.

  12. You're thinking of Paul Newman, Malty. He ate 50 eggs in Pat Garrett and the Sundance Kid, co-starring David Baddiel, I believe.

  13. Brit, just advised the ST magazine, you are to replace AA Gill from effect immediately.
    Re Pulp Fiction, takeaway Uma + twist, waddaygot ?

  14. That's a meaningless question if ever there was one.

    Like saying: sure, King Kong's ok, but take a way the bloody great gorilla and waddaygot?

  15. Prescient as ever, a couple of days before seeing the nomination I browsed some back numbers - aka Selected Articles. For some reason I chose one from each tiny page, so Lomborg, Gray, Tolkien and James it was. I'll do Johnny Cash next no doubt.

    Whatever the Press Gazette say, immensely helpful. Not that I agree with interview-er or -ee on all, of course, but distillation, clarity and insight are a great foundation.

    Thus Gray's comments on Lomborg - not convinced, but well put, good way to end. How the merry philosopher anticipated meme and only Berlin rumbled the spoof - I had to know that. James on Berlin and the Holocaust (don't really buy it) and the Pembroke man's general burden, the Viennese cafe thing ... that all fits, makes a lot more sense of the guy. That also decided me on a 50th birthday present for my brother. Can't be bad.

    So thanks, I'm with Ian, probably more so, because I read such material so little.