Friday, February 27, 2009

Greatest Rambling Blog Post Ever

I was just glancing at one of those rambling diary blogs - 'Got up and wondered what to post about as I was brushing my teeth, picking my nose and thinking.....'  - when I suddenly realised that the great blog poem was written forty years before blogs were invented. This is how to do it. (Warning: may cause grown men to weep or, at least, it should.)


  1. On your earlier recommendation of Frank O'Hara's poetry, I checked out an edition of his works, and turned to this very poem on a random read - didn't really associate it with blogging, though...

  2. I'm rambling a bit off topic, or taking a tangent, as it were . . . but that Frank O'Hara poem reminds me of how Billy Collins purposely takes tangents in his poems. In fact, he suggests it:

    The Iron Bridge


  3. It also looks like a number of very good tweets (Twitter posts) - though I'm not expert enough to say for sure.

  4. Absurdly, you ignored my suggestion for James Lileks's Bleat in your top 100 blogs (no arguments with Nigeness making it from me, I'd have chopped Guido).

    I don't suppose Lileks is bothered much seeing as he made it into Time magazine's Top 25 best blogs, but if you want rambling postage at its finest, today's is a good example. Everyone else is an amateur, Lileks is a pro.