Friday, February 20, 2009

Gordon's Birthday Box

It's Gordon Brown's birthday! He's 58. Have a good one, Gordo. Oh and somebody said to me last night you should have guaranteed all deposits and let the banks fail. Would have have worked? Who knows? Whatever you did clearly hasn't. Anyway, here's a little birthday box of news. 
Do not, Gordo, let anybody talk you into going into earth orbit. It is fantastically dangerous. There's now a 1 in 185 chance you'll crash into some junk.
The universe is beyond the grasp of any intellect. I find this consoling but you probably don't.
Beer sales are down because of guilt. That's odd, I thought everybody knew it was your fault.
Finally, I was thinking of buying you this, the most pointless, geeky gadget I have ever come across. What do you think?


  1. To be fair - that pen would be incredible for taking notes during a lecture - once it's over you can connect to your laptop and have the pages you wrote instantly on screen along with an audio recording? Amazing, not pointless at all. As for the universe being beyond our intellect, of course. The universe is perfect, our intellect is flawed, but the flaws come from our rational attempts to extract a static meaning or measurement from a dynamic system, take away this attempt.. and you have enlightenment.

  2. Dear Bryan,
    The PM has instructed me to instigate a review to look into the raison d'etre behind this pen, the findings will be made available in 30 years. He is, you will understand, somewhat concerned at the moment, about the discovery that Berlo is bent and some of the fallout may harm his dear friend Tone.
    He does however thank you for your concern

    The Cabinet Office Feb 20th

  3. How long before we are rid of the shyster?

    I think we should send him to a cold damp peat bog hole in the outer Hebrides for the rest of his days, and we should tie him to a post and watch on the internet as he goes even madder walking around in circles muttering "Global, Global, Global", we could even charge a fee and put it towards the Crash Gordon debt repayment fund.

    At least he wont be getting a nice little earner like St Tony on the board of Big Bank PLC for his 60th. (tone does seem to be lying low at the moment?)

  4. These are four awesome links, thanks

  5. I have got one of those pens... and |I do understand the Universe... so there!