Monday, February 09, 2009

A Reluctant Post on the Singularity University

I have been trying desperately not to post on the Singularity University. Unfortunately, I have just discovered they use the word 'cadre', a word I hate since, for me at least, it immediately evokes the death of 70 million Chinese. Not only that, they use it in the phrase 'a cadre of leaders'.  The post had to be done. I just hope setting up this university will keep them busy and unable to do serious damage.


  1. Admirably restrained, Bryan.

    I was wincing through the FAQs and only got as far as

    The idea for SU came to Diamandis while reading Kurzweil’s “The Singularity is Near” while trekking in Chile in January 2007

    ...before I lost the will to etc.

  2. Oh, I know, Kurzweil is nuts, the whole Technorapture thing is nuts, but on the other hand...

    Since we have this underlying myth of progress and an end-time in our culture, we have to deal with the fall-out in some way; we can't just jump off the train, so someone somewhere has to think about it.

    Don't be restrained, Bryan, say what you think about the S.U.

  3. I'm sceptical they will do much to solve any of the "challeneges facing humanity", but I fear they are going to bequeath us a great number of tiresome bloggers.

  4. ...BUT imagine attacking hunger from an AI robotics standpoint?

    You are just so uncaring that you don't realise the possibilities?

    As for the cultural revolution, it was just a badly executed plan, the idea was correct with the help of the SU I am sure the adjustments can be made to get it right next time.

    There will be no little red books, Sony will be issuing the RED-reader, complete with mind reading tech built in, so any faults in your understanding can be corrected in real time.

    Thanks Singularity University.

  5. What a splendid place to do assisted suicides, Brit I think you misread that sentence, it was "while he was pecking in chili."
    "learn about the various exponentially growing cross-disciplinary technologies", seduce my ancient footwear, sounds like some of yesterdays comments on banking.