Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gormley and Decisions, Decisions

In The Sunday Times I interview Antony Gormley and I write about the science of decision making. Links here tomorrow. 
Sunday, here they are: Gormers and decisions.


  1. Looking forward to that, ive been looking all my life for a formula to cure my near madness, tomorrow I will be liberated.

    Crosby beach has never looked so good.

  2. Good on yer, His perfectly proportioned, rusty bewinged Gort is impressive, yes that's the word, impressive.
    So impressive in fact the nearby A1 has become an impressive accident black spot, hey! look at that Enid! wallop, crash, bang. For most Geordies the thing, like a wart, has grown on them but as the inestimable B. Sewell diplomatically put it, at art the Geordies are shite.
    I am reliably informed, by a Yorkshire person, not a Geordie, and therefore someone artistically enlightened that the beach stuff is in fact, against the setting of a sombre winters afternoon, "art"

    Every time I stand in front of Richters window in Koln's Dom I have to say to myself, you don't get this, you're a Geordie.

  3. Not to blow your cultured northern aesthetic, bubble malty, I think you might find its more than a somber winters afternoon lighting, there is an industrial estate back there I believe? or the Formby road one off the two

    Bryan, I trust Sir Taleb will be featured in your "science of decision making" essay? Labrokes are not taking bets?

  4. Thought so :0)

    Ive bought the Jonah Lehrer book on your say so from the radio last week.

    I am off on holiday next week I hope it will help in the selection of the right evening cocktail.

  5. Reading Jonah Lehrer's book sounds a good idea. But how can he be so sure that his worst decisions were just that or is it the dopamine talking again? Since he learned a great deal from them they were, from one angle, rather good decisions. Or, at least, that we learn more from making a mistake than we do from being right. But ... I hear a distinct and alluring cooing ... it's dopamine calling .. yes, it's saying I need to get on that motorcycle again ...

  6. So do you think that we'll never achieve true (or at least 'human-like') artificial intelligence until we can give computers emotions?

  7. Re the 4th plinth - the severely ill/housebound/bedbound/frail will not be represented at all.

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