Thursday, February 12, 2009

Genetic Crit

So they are appently searching for Pushkin's DNA on the sofa on which he died. (There's one sentence I never thought I'd write.) The implications for Lit Crit are momentous. Oh, sorry, no they're not.


  1. The day is not very far off when DIY DNA kits will be available in Homebase, RRP £325, now less 40% and untill next Wednesday a further 10%
    Can you imagine the stampede if the DNA turns out to be genuine, Tony Robinson will be running round in a lather looking for Lizzie one's old knickers, every weirdo from every university archaeology dept will be rooting about, hither and yon, hundreds of bearded geofizz operatives will be collecting the dole, their kit offered at knock down prices on EBay.
    Can you imagine the headlines, "DNA find proves Cleopatra was a Celt"
    Leave off, we have enough to ponder over at the moment thank you.
    Your link also shows Norm is laying off, Bryan hard times indeed.

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  3. Never mind Bryan, you could instead review this months Elle mag, Gwyneth is having the Elle splash and she has a dress that suggests she might be trying to hide Bingo Wings?

    "and recently caused a stir when she was spotted buying creams containing snake venom"

    I think you should pop on your suspicious Journo trench coat on and investigate as a matter of national emergency?

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