Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Football Quote Ever

Quote of the decade from England captain John Terry after another dismal performance by the worst football team in the world.
'Hopefully,'  said the ashen-faced skipper, 'we can get off to a good start against Andorra and go from there.'
The poverty of ambition of England footballers never ceases to amaze.


  1. It's the 'hopefully' and 'Andorra' in the same sentance that is particularly amusing. Andorra are the classic newspaper boy no-hopers form Billy the Fish.

    Who are the mugs that pay to see this stuff? Our Olympians have exposed the puffed up Premier League and the childish mediocrities that play in it. May it's attendances fall - and Lineker, Hansen and their overpaid windbag pals get back on the golf courses where they belong.

  2. They're wise to state lowly ambitions, since previous own-trumpet-blowings have proved preposterous.

    In fairness, Terry spoke rather well. But Capello? I was very disturbed to see him pumping his fists in triumph at that pitiful, scrappy equaliser.

    Why do we keep paying different managers millions of pounds to pick exactly the same rotten team?

  3. For once, the ashen-faced one is on the money with his post-match summing-up. Instead of the usual 'brain on holiday' remarks that English footballers (and their managers) are famous for, perhaps what we are now getting is an overdue dose of realism about their place in the world order, as they prepare to take on the might of a principality just a little bigger than the Isle of Wight. But hey, as the weeks roll by, and the £100K+ drops into the bag, and the swarm around the swill bucket reaches fever pitch, do you imagine that JT or any of the other no-hopers will be stirring in their cots?

  4. Winnie, as ever, was more eloquent. 'We will fight them on the beaches' he said, admittedly in a rather down at the mouth sort of way.

  5. What about 'poverty' and 'footballers' in the same sentance Corky?