Sunday, August 31, 2008

Marilynne on the Election

Marilynne Robinson has written about the election in The New York Times. She speaks of a meeting in Iowa some months ago addressed by all the Democratic candidates. In a cheap, cynical manoeuvre, Hillary's supporters left immediately she had spoken, thus insulting all those who attended and took part.
'It was the intrusion of another idiom, an assertion that what passed between these speakers and their audience was beside the point, that elections were decided elsewhere and on other terms.'
Lucid, direct, elevated and true, you will read nothing better on politics this year.


  1. I'm sorry Marilynne Robinson is stooping to write about politics. There's nothing transcendent there. All is perishable and tainted, wrapped in lies and promises that won't be kept, ever on the edge of corruption. I mean, we must have a government, but this antic posturing -- campaigning -- that leads up to it is such a hollow show, so much sound and fury signifying nothing other than the ambitions of the participants.

    Give me wind, water, and stone. So much more real.

  2. Aye aye, Susan, yer bang on.

  3. No point in going to Sandpoint now.