Sunday, August 24, 2008

Capsules, Albarn, Barenboim, Books and a Birthday

As it is my birthday I have decided to write The Sunday Times. I review Daniel Barenboim's book Everything is Connected. I interview Damon Albarn. And, finally I express a view on the strange world of time capsules.
Also, once again, it is the day of the Stiffkey Village Fete or, more precisely, the day of BryPat Books - all the gentry's reading needs, never knowingly oversold, who needs TV, open 1/365 etc.. This afternoon Grabber and I will be flogging mind expanding matter to the grateful Nor-folk. It is a great day, very English, very strange and, by the looks of things, very wet.


  1. Happy Birthday Bryan. The man for whom time reverses.

  2. Happy birthday you old bastard. Me I've just arrived at NigeCorp via a two-hour, carnivaaaal-related diversion into the NW London badlands, leaving me stranded first in a hellhole called Kensal Rise, then in one called Harlesden, all in steady drizzle. We know how to enjoy ourselves down here.

  3. Happy birthday, dear Bryan. From the looks of your t.v. appearance, you really are turning 29 -- again!

    Wish I were at your book fair. Instead, I have boxes and boxes of books in translation to dig through for a review on same.

    Which reminds me: Any of your commenters who speak/read in foreign languages and want to rec me contemporary authors or old authors with newly published stuff in English translation -- do it now.

    I'll be immersed for the next six weeks and am hoping some of what I see will be good ... Only 3% of the world's books get translated into English and yet now that I've begun reading, I'm beginning to see why....

    Oops, sorry Bry-- Happy day to you again. Have fun with your friends!

  4. Best wishes for your birthday and I hope you get some sun this afternoon. Sell one for the gipper!

    I don't think there's really any need to put anything in a time capsule except a post-it note saying "Have a nice day". Give things enough time and that's about the total extent of our power and influence.

  5. I would wish you very many but we miserable Geordie gits don't do that sort of thing. Put AA Gill in the capsule, please.

  6. Excellent, not dead yet, quaff a tankard of liquor and shake your fist at the heavens crying aloud (in public or just at the breakfast table at some ungodly early hour): "Not yet, meine freunde! Not yet!" like the captain in Das Boot.

    If i'd known sooner i would have sent you some kind of weapon.

  7. Elberry, the pen is mightier than the sword - especially if it's one of those exploding pens.

    Happy Birthday Bryan. Remember: only death is old, life is always young.

  8. I just left a message for my father on his voice mail, and now leave the same for you here:

    Happy Birthday!

    Of course, here in the states, it still is. And I hope you have a great year.