Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Time Capsules

A couple of submissions for my time capsule article came in too late for the paper, so here they are in the blog. They are from a great thinker and a great poet.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: '1) Paul Samuelson's Textbook on Economics (or any current textbook) - so people can study our brain defects.
2) The "food pyramid" proposed by the American Medical Association so they understand how we practice "science".
3) A national flag, any nation.
4) A taped (digitalized) conversation in Aramaic from Maaloula, in Syria, (with a player so it could be played back).
5) If possible, aTexan and/or a Frenchman (randomly selected).'

John Ashbery: 'I'd love to help, but after racking my brain for several days I can't seem to come up with anything worthy of inclusion in a time capsule.  So sorry!'

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  1. How about a time capsule containing other time capsules from the past, stacked one within the other like Russian matryoshka dolls. A meta-time capsule, if you will.