Friday, August 01, 2008

Jeff: Has He Lost It?

Idly checking 'Lord' Archer's blog I stumbled on this post. Even by Jeff's prose standards this is a stinker. 'Playwrite'! 'But nevertheless...'!  And that whole sentence beginning 'But nevertheless...' is a broken-backed masterpiece of illiteracy. Is this the man who wrote Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less? I am beginning to think he must have had help.... well, some help.


  1. Lost it? I flicked through a book of his up at a charity stall the other day and it was just as bland and bumbling as his blog.

    As to whether he once had help or not: surely you wouldn't suggest Jeff has been anything but a paragon of honesty in his shining public career?

  2. Oh well, Lord Jeff flashes his cape, the crowd gasps and ... . I wonder who else around here has "propositioned" - quaint term! - the divine Dame Eileen. This would seem the crux of Lord Jeff's post. What's a typo or twelve between disappointed suitors?

  3. Your being a bit of a meanie. This blogging business is much harder than it looks. I mean just because you can write successful bestsellers doesn't mean you can blog well. I don't things tripped off the pen for him--by the sixth or seventh draft it may have looked recognisable. Journalism is a far better preparation.

    Could it be that Jeff just knows his audence? You know like the people that made the metro knew what they were doing even if the rest of us sneered. I would love to see his stats.

  4. "but nevertheless" is the least of his problems.

    Does anyone other than you actually read his blog? It seems to me that you would need an unhealthy fascination with Lord Jeff to read his tripe.

  5. The man has an unhealthy obsession, with, commas,. Every second word, is punctuated, with a comma. Surely a great writer, such as the Lord, would have heard, of the the noble, semi-colon or that sadly diminished old friend, the period.

    Still I heard Archer's stuff was so heavily edited by his wife that she was a ghost-writer in all but salary; and yet his books still manage to be absolute tripe ha!