Thursday, August 14, 2008

Technology and Boots

And, on the subject of technology, the new iPhone doesn't work. I'd noticed this myself, but early-adopting fool that I am, I said nothing. It's called 'defence of purchase' I believe, even though, on this occasion, no readies actually changed hands. Also an 'upgrade' to Freeview boxes has deprived 250,000 people of television. This word 'upgrade' is everywhere. It means 'spend more, bastard'. Consumer technology sells us things we didn't know we wanted, makes us dependent and then stops working. This induces panic, depression and hunger pangs. Luckily, I don't care because I have every reason to expect my fourth pair of cowboy boots will be arriving any day now and they just work.


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  2. Upgrade: something that makes you appreciate how good the previous version was.

    But see also The Devil's IT Dictionary (after Ambrose Bierce)

    (DD no relation)

  3. I need a body upgrade!!


  4. A body upgrade won't compensate for your lobotomy...

    Bryan, you seem to be suffering from some deepening techno-consumption nausea...

    Is this the new, post credit-crunch, zeitgeist? Maybe the football retards will get their come-uppance and the Russian oligarchs will see their billions shrink to millions as malaise moves eastward. Here's hoping...

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