Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jenkins on Toynbee

This is a fine article by Simon Jenkins about our undemocratic way of choosing Prime Ministers. It contains the following: 'The thesis, much espoused by Guardian contributors, that Brown has totally changed and thus polluted their constancy of judgment is ludicrous. Their former presentation - indeed, eulogising - of him was plain wrong.' Quite. This is is plainly aimed at Polly Toynbee and others - remarkable in view of the fact that Jenkins is writing in The Guardian.


  1. Well the miserable old misanthrope can't always be wrong, and it would be hard not to have noticed the ridiculous orgy of wishful thinking indulged in by Toynbee,Ashley and others.

  2. What about the Daily Mail's long love-in with Brown? What is that about? (The editor's uncanny knack for backing the wrong horse perhaps)....

  3. We Canadians always knew how this was going to turn out - we had the exact same thing happen with our finance minister, Paul Martin.