Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Under the Bed

Bill Clinton says Gordon Brown has 'a big brain and a good heart.' I wonder whose they were and where he keeps them. Peter Ackroyd used to boast he had the body of a fourteen-year-old girl. He kept it under his bed. 


  1. well, if we're making a list, he's also got a clunking fist and a glass eye...
    if only they had eBay in Frankenstein's day.

  2. Now, now Bryan. Brown bashing is going over the top. Of course his background was in higher education which made him incredibly unaware of the real world and unsuited for running the major departments of State. However, I was involved in a community based programme around 4 years ago (which was highly succesful and socially useful) and wrote to him when the funding was cut. In the great scheme of things it was small potatoes, but I contacted him as Chancellor of the Exchequer explaining how he use this expenditure to make the relevant Govt agencies work more effectively. I sent the same letters to local MPs, MEPs and local worthies. He was one of the few to respond, in his own hand, and with some warmth. I also saw him address a group of hard nosed businessmen in the halcyon days of 1999 and he impressed them all. His failings are that he is a wonk and believes in the State (as too many at the BBC, the Independent and Guardian do too). So I do think he is quite brainy, and personal experience convinced me he has a heart too. The fact NuLab has cocked things up royally is a different matter. But Tony Blair, many in the media, and even the electorate (somehow we always forget them), were more complicit than we allow for the cause of current woes.

  3. Mr Brown has booked the backroom at the Ropemakers for a Cabinet Roadshow.... I hope he tries the prawns they are 37% cadmium and lead......