Monday, August 18, 2008

The Undropped Shoe

The economic/financial crisis/cock-up, though now a year old, is having less political impact than one would expect. (Brownies who claim Gordon's unpopularity is due to the credit crunch etc are wrong; it's because he's depressing and weak.) People are in pain but the real pain, unemployment, has yet to come. In time, I assume it must. But, for the moment, it is the unbarking dog, the undropped shoe of British politics. We are in a period of waiting.

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  1. If this means that the next election is fought against a background of a collapso economy and painful unemployment, then there's so much more chance of a divisive, ideologically driven Conservative regime than the broadly centrist the Tories present at the moment. Because they'll win big. Somehow, I don't we'll be seeing much of Tony and Cherie at that stage. Thank heavens he isn't still around and claiming all the credit for our Olympic medals.

    I wonder whether Gordo may turn out to be the elusive Higgs Boson, the particle whose existence is predicated on its effect on other particles. You just follow the trail of woe, disaster and stunned householders. Alas, yes, "Boson Brown" has passed that way.