Friday, August 15, 2008

White-Spunner on the Job

Today is a gift that keeps on giving. I learn that our commander in Iraq is called Major General Barney White-Spunner. The chest swells. With White-Spunner at the front, what hope could there ever have been for those insurgent johnnies? 


  1. I sat next to him at a dinner last year. He was very thoughtful and humane.

  2. There are two ways a truly enlightened and superior nation can be defined. One, it has a general called Barney White-Spunner, and two, he is very thoughtful and humane.

    Which leaves you with the UK. And that’s about right.

  3. does he talk in short sentences too?

    I say. Look here. You there.

    Barney is a strange choice of name for a nob. Isn't that the name of Dubya's dog?

  4. is he a member of the Drone's Club?

  5. It's the name of a purple dinosaur beloved by American toddlers. Equivalent in the U.K. would be one of the Teletubbies. "Tinky Winky White-Spunner" does have a certain ring to it, I must say.

  6. It astounds me that people can pass comment on a man’s name, for whom they have never met!
    I had the pleasure to work under Maj Gen White-Spunner as a Trooper, Lance Corporal & Lance Corporal of Horse within the Blues and Royals.
    A fine man, leader and gent, who I am sure is more than capable of looking after our soldiers in Iraq.