Saturday, August 02, 2008

Political News

Good grief! I really must try and keep up with British politics. I didn't realise Harriet Harman was running the show last week and that Alistair Darling is now in charge. At this rate, if we can persuade Gordon to carry on mincing around Southwold in his weirdly long grey jacket, I should get a shot around 9th October 5638. Go nuts, guys. Also Boris is an Obamacon. Who knew? Who cared? And, finally, somebody called Dream Ticket, also known as Harivid Miliman or Daviet Harmiband, is going to succeed Brown. British politics - a mild squall in a very small tea cup.


  1. Yep, see what a good pair of boots will do for the political liver. 'Tis a pity 'twas Corfu you went, in the high mountains above Knossos/Konoso there are cobblers who will build boots around your feet and who will remove a kidney or two through your ear should you mix up your Crete and Greece.

  2. Political News - RyanJune 10, 2009 8:34 pm

    There's another great political news site at Just wanted to make sure everyone hears about it.