Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amanda: And...

... as I am experimenting with short, frequent posts for a day, this is more or less essential reading. Amanda is on top form and is leaving Jeff standing, definitely one for the anthologies.

'How could you possibly begrudge a kid an opportunity to show her mom that she appreciates how hard it is to raise you in an environment where the mere act of doing so makes you one of the top five favorite boogeymen scapegoats of the conservative punditry?'

How indeed?


  1. Truly Amanda has a rare talent. I clicked on the link and found myself reading - what? Maybe it's because I'm a little tired after taking some unaccustomed exercise, but I couldn't concentrate for long enough to decipher what she was getting at. So many words....

  2. Yes, kids who grow up with an acute sense of how hard their parents find it to raise them generally do so well in life.

  3. I thought you wanted to goose traffic around here a bit, Bryan. In that case, don' forget to use Amanda's last name. That seems to draw her and some of her minions every time.