Tuesday, June 26, 2007

They Might Be Giants

Mark's mention of the fossilised giant penguin in his comment under Web Utopians - that's what I call lateral thinking - inspires me to put in word for this beauty. I particularly like the sound of the Megatherium Club at the Smithsonian, whose members devoted their days to research and their nights to revelry, aided by 'ale, oysters and eggnog'. That's the spirit!


  1. what's eggnog, nige? looks like something made backwards, like edam.

    americans drinking ale! whatever will they discover next? certainly not the beauty, just a 404.

    btw, when the culture changes, will they start to write songs about the 404? have they already?

    well I follow'd the url, ain't nothin but a 404.
    well, I follow the URL, was nothin but a 404,
    spent too long on the web, ain't gonna surf no more...

    I call it surf baby blues and it's yours for free (under commons creative license).

  2. hold up! tropical penguin? I think your pulling my chain...

  3. Egnog, Ian, is a very terrible concoction of eggs, milk, sugar, spices and brandy or rum - served hot or cold, the choice is yours (and I think I'll pass).
    What is a 404?

  4. Nige, to what does the title of your post refer? My favourite alternative pop duo/band of the last twenty five years? Or the (not very well known) movie that they share their name with?

  5. Oh the band I think Steve. I believe I still have a 7in vinyl of Birdhouse In Your Soul...

  6. Susan B., lover of Happy Feet,June 26, 2007 2:13 pm

    Um, I rather like eggnog. The problem is it's about 5,000 calories a glass.

    Peruvian penguins as big as Incas. Guess it was icy down there then, just as it was supposedly toasty warm in England. Global warming: Not a new thing.

  7. The mention of ale reminds me that I've been meaning to ask, have you heard about the Speight's Ale Pub being shipped lock, stock, and barrel to London?

  8. Oops, sorry about the link - too many windows open. Here is the correct one (I hope):
    Great Beer Delivery

  9. tastes as bad as it sounds, nige?

    404? first-grade stuff this, don't they teach you nothing at surf school? your ''beauty'' link is a 404.

  10. Ah and here was I thinking it was a Giant Sloth or something. Life is so confusing...