Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Set Fire to the Sea

Is this true? We can burn salt water with radio waves. Why is the world not already a different place? And, if it works, what would we use to put out the fire?


  1. I feel I must advise you to slow down, Bryan. You can't keep up this pace. I incidentally see from the ST mag that David Hockney says, "I hate Gordon Brown. I really hate him. They're taking away our liberties and there's noone saying a thing."

  2. Doesn't he read this blog then? Too busy painting his Trees Near Warter, I suppose...

  3. Most painters are, I believe, illiterate, Nige.

  4. I think I've got it at last:

    "The Owl and the Pussy-cat donned flame-retardant overalls and went to sea
    in a beautiful pea-green boat"

    Hmmn, nope.

    "The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
    in a fireproof survival capsule"

    Damn. Back to the drawing board, then. I wonder if this thing could be uninvented?

  5. From the link, here is a sentence that truly ends with a full stop: John Kanzius has found a way to burn salt water with the same radio wave machine he is using to kill cancer cells.

  6. I can just hear the Southern Baptists: This is another sign of the Apocalypse -- water being turned into fire!

    Now, David Hockney -- I love his water, those beautiful blue swimming pools filled with nekkid men. Today, I rather wish I had a swimming pool.

  7. i went to his (Hockney's) school, also Delius', and Denis Healey's, and that of people in Idlewild and Franz Ferdinand, oh and Harry McEvoy's too (a breakfast cereal magnate, apparently).

    i didn't learn anything though. Except that it's better to do a solitary sport like cross country running (through the red light districts of Bradford) than rugby. Bradford whores are marginally preferable to Hitler Youth rugger buggers.

  8. what can we use to put out the fire? Classic FM.