Sunday, June 10, 2007

International Affairs

Fresh from his visit to the Vatican, where he presented the Pope with an unfeasibly large stick, George W. travels today to Albania. This is a country where, rather alarmingly, women can become men simply by dressing like them and not having sex - see - (I think it's catching on in the West too...). Albania, however, is better known for its devotion to the pathos-tinged slapstick comedy of Norman Wisdom - I had a corking link here, but it's hit a technical glitch (Google 'Norman Wisdom Albania' and it's the top item). This Wisdom worship is the comedy equivalent of a cargo cult (though it is no more mysterious than the continued thriving of the 'comedy' careers of Lenny Henry and Billy Connolly). To inaugurate a new era in US-Albanian relations, all Bush has to do is execute a perfectly timed 'spontaneous' pratfall on the airport tarmac - they'll be eating out of his hands. Come to think - that comedy stick was clearly intended for Albania...


  1. The stick, I have concluded, is a specially paralysed snake.

  2. "They honour me with their lips but their hearts are far from me."

  3. Norman Wisdom, Benny Hill and Mr Bean are all massively more popular in other countries than in their native Britain.

    Is this because we are too sophisticated these days, or is it because our TV comedy scheduling is done by a bunch of eyebrow-arching, frappacino-guzzling Guardianistas?

    And how can either answer explain the rubbish we do watch?

  4. I find it fascinating that Mr. Bush is popular in Albania. Perhaps he should contemplate running for president over there. I would be more than happy to pitch in to his campaign if he resigned here... now.