Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Life as a Juggler

Fantastic vid over at Elberry's Lumber Room. He says it's me. I wish. 


  1. After watching your look-a-like juggle his balls, a great many vulgar comments come to mind, but it being Sunday, I think I'll be kind...

  2. Of course, if it were really you, an apple or two would disappear into a waiting chin cleft.

  3. Re your 'I wish'...
    Perhaps somewhere in his secret heart this seemingly contented juggler dreams of being a journalist and author. I suggest in standard Hollywood fashion you find a magic wish machine at an old fairground or demand a transmogrifying fortune cookie at your local Chinese, trade places with each other for a while and learn something appropriately touching about the nature and limits of each others’ worlds (and your love for one another?). Sort of like Freaky Friday meets Dave. Haven’t thought of a title for it yet.