Friday, June 22, 2007

One-Liner - Plus, Free With This Post, More Giant Birds.

Here's a one-liner to make you ponder - though in my case it reduced me to helpless laughter when I saw it. Passing a parked coach, I noticed the company had a new slogan. Thus: 'Banstead Coaches. Moving in the right direction'.
Forgive me, but this surely is less a mission statement than a sine qua non of coach travel. If you were to board a coach for, say, Brighton and the driver, with a cheery cry of 'All aboard', engaged reverse gear and set course for Hatfiled and the North, you would have reason to feel the company hadn't quite got the hang of things. Maybe there are such companies, and Banstead Coaches is subtly wooing them with its new slogan - you never know these days...
Meanwhile, another Giant Bird alert is in order. And these beauties are BIIIIG!. They have, I believe, the widest wingspan of any British bird. You have been warned.


  1. their website has a marquee moving in the right direction. come on, don't diss the small family businesses that made our nation great. (hey, is that too long for the side of a coach?)

    I'm surprised anybody still bothers with such meaningless messages. corporate marketing: scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    good news on eagles though I thought...springwatch...last season ...bald fellow? I could be mistaken.

  2. Yeah they're never off the telly - got a great PR team behind them. Sea Eagles - Flying in the right direction...

  3. here's a sort of what if for you then, Nige. I was pondering this after thinking that someone must have told Jack Nicholson how to scramble eggs, it can't possibly be down to him alone.

    I chuckled to see the wrens' nest on springwatch last week. the chicks turned arse-about-face and presented their parents with a poop sack rather than soil the nest. who taught them to do this?

    they must have been born with the information. so then;

    a) if we're so smart why do we start off by shitting our pants?

    b)is there any information we are born with that's as cool as the wrens'?


    c)maybe it's the pants that are the bad idea?

  4. From coaches to pooping, what a marvellous blog this is.

    BTW, in China, little children have a gap in their trousers to enable easy pooping.

  5. yes, we must remember the chinese got there first, and now they're getting there again!

    and if they get there a third time I've heard they get to keep the world for good.

  6. My favourite TV ad is one for Pilgrims' Choice cheddar, where the tagline is 'It's all about the cheese'. Glad to know that, boys.

  7. I was about to say that I knew the perfect spokesman for Banstead but, alas, I see that he has passed on. I grew up near his home. Who knew? So close to greatness yet so far, it would seem.

    Now that the sea eagles have returned, no doubt some in Scotland will take issue with this statement, "These chicks represent another step forward in restoring what was lost to all of us.," and increasing numbers will no doubt demand the resoration of their lost cat, puppy, or 3-year-old.

  8. Douglas 'Wrong Way' Corrigan - what a guy! Thanks for that, Ronin.

  9. Susan B., bird with smallish wingspan,June 23, 2007 3:14 pm

    "What was lost cannot be recovered, but let us save what remains."
    Thomas Jefferson, after his mother's house burned down and incinerated his considerable (for the times) library.