Saturday, March 29, 2008

Death Watch

I want one.


  1. Would getting a normal watch and either taking out the battery or not winding the thing achieve the same result, only better. If you cover your watch with your hand and ask your self whether roman arabic or none mark the hours. No one will know after a few months, with certainty. What need is there to remember.
    Also, if you had to have one of the things would YOU ARE NOT DEAD YET,IDIOT, carry more zing.

  2. if it isn't the time-piece equivalent of getting a tattoo. Maybe you should consider a tattoo under your watch strap which says, ''you've forgotten your watch again'' or simply ''place watch here''. for real style you could have it written in chinese...

  3. Flying into CDG, do we have to move it on one hour ?

  4. Does it go Ping when you die? I guess you'd never find out...
    Either I'm dead or my watch has stopped (to adapt Marx).

  5. The possibilities here are infinite.

    The superich, endlessly flying west in their Learjets, watches strapped to their wrists, the grim reaper on the next flight out, scythe ready in the overhead locker.
    A new twist on old batty Alberts theory ?

  6. As ever looking for get-rich quick schemes, it occurs to me one could launch a line of memento mori items. They would (obviously) appeal to teenage Goths but i think one could have adult/kid versions as with the Harry Potter covers. Those 'cigarettes can seriously harm your health' warnings made me want to take up smoking, after all.