Friday, March 21, 2008

The Sanitary Boycott

I have thus far taken the measured view that the Beijing Olympics should not be boycotted because of Tibet or Darfur. But a new issue has now arisen. This is wholly unacceptable, the Chinese should be made to feel the lash of international outrage.


  1. 'The slash of international outrage.'

  2. they'll be demanding soft toilet rolls next. prima donnas!

  3. Shocking, yes, and action is clearly demanded so that China may begin to understand just how dimly we view the whole squatty-botty affair. But what better way to punish a people than to make them host the Olympics? Even if they try to back out at the last minute, we must hold strong and force the Chinese to endure this charmless and miserable grub-fest. Next stop London - these people need punished for Ken Livingstone. They just do.