Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kris Kristofferson

In The Sunday Times I interview Kris Kristofferson. This was the first interview I have conducted in the car park of Tesco, West Kensington, the first of many I trust.


  1. Lovely stuff. I can't believe he's only 5ft 8in! That means if I ever met KK, I'd be looking down on the top of his head. Can such things be? I am having to rethink my entire relationship to external reality now...

  2. Nige, 'external reality' is vastly overrated

  3. The part he played in Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia I thought was strange, I know it was shot for about $150, but even so..odd. For some weird reason the movie reminded me of one of the Muppet Movies, the one with Doc Hopper.
    Very good movie though, underrated.