Friday, March 28, 2008

The Laughter of Charlotte

Yesterday, it was Richard Widmark, today it's Abby Mann, who wrote the screenplay for Judgment At Nuremberg, in which, of course, Widmark starred. News of Mann's death apparently reduced Radio 4 newsreader Charlotte Greeen to helpless laughter on the Today programme. However, it was the preceding item that had done the damage - a recording of the human voice dating from 1860, which personally I found more sinister than funny. This uncharacteristic mishap will only enhance Miss Green's status as sex symbol of choice for a certain kind of male Radio 4 listener. I know what they mean, actually...


  1. There was a moment in the News Quiz when they got her to say 'penis', there was a sharp, nationwide intake of breath.

  2. It was very funny indeed - my five year old son thought it sounded as if it was recorded under water - but to me it was like something from beyond the grave.
    Miss Green's laughter reminded me of that Belgian or was it Dutch interviewer (YouTube has the clip) who was interviewing an audience of terribly serious people afflicted with strange voices. After the second person spoke he was reduced to helpless hysterics.

  3. Oh yes - I think Bryan linked to it. Didn't some spoilsport say it was actually a stunt?

  4. as sexy as Miriam Margolyes? I don't know, what you hear is what you get.

    spooky recording, the fact that it is probably unique of its time. whereas now, we've all got our voice on some recording somewhere. I feel sorry for those who follow us and have to find them...boring.