Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Teachers and Sir Bobby

Dear me, the anger management is going very badly today. I mean I did know that the National Union of Teachers consisted of a bunch of cretinous, anti-democratic, anti-social, anti-education, anti-life twerps, but I don't think I realised the full extent of the problem until now
On the other hand I was soothed by the great Sir Bobby Robson's press conference about his cancer charity. He said, when he was given the bad news by his doctor, that he thought Malignant Melanoma played for Benfica.
Life, to be sure, is a matter of swings and roundabouts. 


  1. The teachers have always made even the miners look sane.

  2. Like the result of the Oxford Union debate of 1933 some may take this as a sign (go brit's pic go!).

    The perfect career solution to those potential killing machines I see hanging about the town centre, numb with idleness, of an afternoon! Perfect!

  3. dickie pay shayMarch 25, 2008 4:48 pm

    Potential killing machines? Where have you been?
    Use any tactic to get past their apathy. Cudgel & sack outside playground gates cum exam results day.

  4. AHHH........wor Bobbie, verily I say unto thee, the messiah cameth but was sacked by that spawn of the devil Sheppard.

    AHHH........teachers, back in 1970s, stood on the podium, some Welsh dingbat "my members are not prepared to turn out fodder for industry", no mate, just a bunch of poor kids educated by a useless bunch of gobby timeservers who could not be sacked (used to take an average of 3 years to sack one of them, if anyone ever had the guts to do it, which was rare).
    Anyone ever met a teacher who could communicate with adults ?