Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heather Mills

From Anecdotal Evidence, Patrick Kurp's superb literary blog:
'One despairs of a future in which the dominant mood is one of aggrieved entitlement.'
It made me think of Heather Mills. She spoke outside the courtroom as though aggrieved entitlement was the only language she or anybody else could understand.


  1. Let this be a salutary lesson to us all Bryan, in future....

    We must take our daughters advice.

    The next time a one legged blonde nutter with a geordie accent (without a parrot, if she has one then its possibly Robert Newton in drag) sits next to us and flashes her charms......get the hell out of there !

    Then check our wallets.

    Another instance of the medias self genertated mass hysteria.


  2. personally, I don't know who to feel sorry for less. what on earth has it all to do with the world and his wife?

  3. But at least we got a cracking Sun headline 'Mucca chucksa cuppa water over Macca's lawyer Shacka'.

  4. Hey - Kurp even quotes Marilynne! Mother Country too. He appears to have read everything, and remembered it. Enviable.