Saturday, March 08, 2008

What LibDems are For

I am startled to see that Iain Dale objects to Nick Clegg's use of the word 'sclerotic' as being over the heads of his audience. Really? I would have thought that, since arteriosclerosis is so common, almost everybody would have come in contact with the word. Furthermore, it seems like only yesterday that Andrew Neil was referring to the German economy as 'sclerotic' in almost everything he wrote or said. (Andrew was prone to wishful-thinking.) Anyway, what good are LibDem politicians if they can't improve our vocabulary? Labour can't do it. Brown once lectured us on 'post neo-classical endogenous growth theory' and just sounded as though he hadn't the faintest idea what he was talking about. The Tories can't do it because the only words most of their backbenchers understand are 'Margaret' and 'kill kill' and even those only fitfully. Ignore the knockers, Nick, swallow a thesaurus that we may engorge on your recondite multiloquence.

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