Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weather Event Not Caused By Climate Change Shock

I could scarcely believe my ears this morning when this item made the BBC news bulletins, and was reported straight. The normal practice is to ignore or scornfully attack such heretical pronouncements. Don't expect the warmists to drop it from their 'evidence' base any time soon, though - any more than they did with Hurrican Katrina, etc. (This is Nige, by the way, not Bryan).


  1. Damn right it's Nige, What weather events? As I type there is an iron grey sky and a steady downpour. As far as I recall, it was ever thus.

  2. Good Lord!
    Christopher Booker in the latest S. Telegraph had some interesting things to say about warming - or 'climate change' as they call it, now that Armageddon might come with a big freeze.
    The warmists' way of dealing with such evidence seems to be to ignore it.
    Yesterday I heard form one of their high priests (forget his name) that the effects could well be irreversible within ten years unless 'we take action now'. What on earth does he suggest?

  3. In truth there is nothing we can do except arm ourselves for the joyous moment when civilization utterly collapses and it's every blogger for himself.

    i'd strongly advise you all to use the internet to look for weaponry, there's quite a lot available. Don't rely on anything too sophisticated, with moving parts or electronics or rare ammunition.

  4. I wouldn't bet on it elberry.
    It's vanity that moves the climate change believers - they can't believe the world could possibly carry on without them - and they're going to be bitterly disappointed.
    As for arming oneself, whilst I agree it's right that proper people should be allowed to bear arms (why we ever lost it is another subject) it's not to protect you at the end of time, but to stop people knifing you in the street.

  5. Going to work i often pass chav clumps and wish i were a 17th C gent and could pull a rapier out and impale a few of the scum, leave them to die in the gutter where their foul pallid orckind belong. Or at least i could order my manservants to thrash them from my path with staves of good English oak.

  6. Horsewhipping does a pretty sound job of it too. At least it does to the bounders, cads blackguards and assorted counter-jumpers who attempt to breach the portals of m'Club. "To the club steps with them", we all cry, and much fine sport is to be had dealing it out to the ruffians. Not really their line of country and soon they are to be found high-tailing it back to the suburbs North of the Park from whence they and other assorted trades types emanate: places such as Notting Hill, dontcha know?

  7. Indeed, Recusant, Notting Hill is an infamous hive of ne'er-do-wells, ruffians and frappuccinistas, they threaten to spill out and spread their vile contagion to the rest of this fair land, if not stopped now by a few good men armed with whips and staves.