Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Smoothies Enigma

What are the Lib Dems for? Why, for coming up with such inspired initiatives as this.
For myself, I don't like smoothies - even their name is offputting - but there's no denying they're popular with the ladies. No doubt it's down to all manner of primitive urges, sanctified by what's known as the 'health halo' effect. Smoothies have an unearned reputation for being 'healthier' than mere juice, despite being more calorific and sugar-packed and, often, thickened with all manner of gunk, plus 'natural' sweetening. Still, hats off to the Lib Dems - the nation's binge drinkers will no doubt 'do the math' and switch instantly from alcopops to smoothies.


  1. "A lot of people want good drinks that can reinforce their lifestyle and their fitness".

    Surely as true for alcopops lovers as for smoothie lovers?

  2. At first I read your title as "The Smoothies Enema." I thought it was medical advice on offer.