Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ear Hair

Following on from Nige's much loved Stubble? Beard? What Is It? post, I feel the time has come to break the taboo on the matter of ear hair. This (not for the faint hearted) dramatises the issue - if this man goes bald, he could have the most amazing comb-over - but it is a matter that has troubled me ever since I conducted an appalling interview with a very prominent figure, appalling because I was so fixated on his prominent ear tufts that I barely took in a word he said. The lady who cuts my hair recently told me she's always having to trim her husband's ears. Imagine what would happen if she slipped... Yes, I'm afraid there is something deeply troubling about ear hair, the locks that dare not speak their name.


  1. I find that nose hair is a real swine to get right. It's very hard to trim. But, I hasten to add, not half as difficult at hair that's down and to the back. Handling a pair of scissors in reverse while bending over looking in a mirror is as tricky as it is dangerous.

  2. The late Lord Goodman was a champion contender in this department. As he liked to conduct much business from his bed, his hairy ears were thrown into stark contrast whenever he lolled back on his snowy pillow. It was like seeing a kind of inverted X-ray, a moment of slightly shocked double-take which I expect he seized to get the better of me.

  3. Nose hair and eyebrow tufts also seem to be used by a certain type of man as a means of agressive self-assertion.