Thursday, May 03, 2007

Anagram: A Dire Warning to Dubya

Good grief, President Anagram has completely lost it! Presumably inspired by the scandalous behavour of Hugh Gere towards Daily Shetty, he has kissed the hand of an elderly lady. She was wearing thick gloves at the time, but I do not doubt she felt the hot breath of sin on the back of her hand. The Hezbollah newspaper seemed to think so and has condemned the act. Anagram once suggested that women ought to be able to watch football matches. I was relieved when this rash scheme was rejected. What if they had seen the footballer who talked sense stricken by the red mist? Some things should not be seen by female eyes. In fact, now that internet sex is normal, intimacy need not be seen at all. Making it visible away from your computer screen or the local pornorama is illegal across the US, where the slightest indiscretion can get you put on the Sex Offenders' Register. Dubya had better watch his step when he meets the Queen, no glove would be thick enough and, in any case, her hands could well be naked now that we are in May. One false move and we'll have him.


  1. susan b., in shock and aweMay 03, 2007 7:10 pm

    omigod: Regina Lynn is Flannery O'Connor's secret love child! She looks just like her, at any rate. Shockorama.

    As for registries of sex offenders, am I remembering correctly that poor pete townshend (your bud) got put on one for researching child abuse (vis-a-vis his own)?

  2. HM Queen is never - but never! - without her white gloves Bryan.