Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tinky Winky's Bag

Sadly the Poles do not seem to have grasped the concept of the Man Bag. The handbag (That's 'purse' in America where 'bag' evokes 'scrotum'. Or so I am told.) of Tinky Winky of the Teletubbies has convinced them that the show is gay propaganda. Jerry Falwell was on to this back in 1999. I am, of course, an expert - perhaps even a community leader - on the subject of the Teletubbies, having hung out with them in 1997. Tinky Winky then struck me as a thoughtful individual with an interesting perspective on the later works of Samuel Beckett. Okay, he made a pass at me, but this was a rounded tubby with much to contribute. The bag, he said, was nothing to do with his sexuality; it was his mother's and it made her happy to see it on TV.


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  2. Samuel BeckettMay 30, 2007 12:00 pm

    And on and on and on and on. I can't go on.
    I'll go on.

  3. Samuel BeckettMay 30, 2007 12:27 pm

    That is admittedly an abridged version. A fuller reading should go something like:

    I can't go on. I'll go on. No. Yes. No. I will. Go on. And on. I can't. I must. I cannot. I will. I. Must. See it through. Where's the auld bitch gone who gives me food?

    As for the man bag, I've an idea for a new play appropriately called The Man Bag. Picture a dark stage lit from a distant unknown source. A park bench. Litter. A large refuse sack one and a half feet to left of centre stage. A man slowly crawls out of bag. He rolls a cigarette. Coughs. And crawls back into the bag. Curtain closes.

  4. I've a vague feeling I have already written more or less precisely that Man Bag play alrady.

  5. Ah welcoe, Sam, you may remember we met at Riverside Studios some time before you died...

  6. Before I died? Yes, it would have been. Strange, now that my death is receding from me I feel ever more attached to it. Though I suppose I was just as attached when alive, though being alive twas the one thing I didn't possess.
    Anyway, I've decided to call myself Becks from now on, Samuel Beckett having too much unfashionable connotations with subjects like death and Golgotha, and being born on Friday the 13th. Becks seems ideal for the moment as is.

  7. Actually I share Beckett's April 13th birthday, and while there is a little controversy over his being born on Friday 13th, I definitely was born on that auspicious date.

  8. Though now that I think of it, surely his claiming a Friday 13th birthdate could have been easily refuted....unless maybe there's doubt whether twas actually on the borderline of Thursday or Saturday.

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