Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lactic Nige

Here's a link, of sorts, for the latest damning evidence against cow-juice.


  1. Is it really that hard to post links, Nige?

    In Blogger posts you can just highlight the text and use the link button, or failing that go into 'Edit HTML' and use the following format:

    <#a href="www.pasteURL">write your words here<#/a>

    But delete the #s from the above.

    Thus your link about cow-juice is this.

  2. Thanks Brit - if only... I'm afraid all attempts to do either of those things are rewarded with instant crashing. I'm told it is the antiquated browser in use here at NigeCorp HQ. It shows a marked reluctance to have anything to do with Blogger, and often crashes while I'm simply signing in or out. Aw a muddle...

  3. Oh bad luck.

    A blog without links is a sad thing indeed. Like a multipack of yoghurts without a Black Cherry.

  4. That's exactly the kind of multipack Bryan likes!