Monday, May 21, 2007

Co-Poster Nige

Having realised that I'm too indolent to go off and start my own blog (though I might yet), The Master has given me his spare key, allowing me co-hosting privileges at this feast of reason (or, in my case, 'entertaining prejudices').
I've been listening to a Grandaddy CD, Sumday, which was recommended to me by a usually reliable source. Liking it instantly, I thought I'd check out the band and, in doing so, stumbled on this in their Wikipedia entry - their common themes, it says, are 'wildlife, obsolete technology, robots, incompetency and heartbreak'. Well if that's the case, I've found my perfect band and will have to listen to everything they've made. And (apart perhaps from the robots) what a blog prospectus that list wld make...
Meanwhile, I am struck by the lack of comment on the fact that, at last night's 'glittering' Bafta awards ceremony, a Fellowship was awarded to the Devil Incarnate, i.e. Richard Curtis. I'm sure I saw the end of his pointed scaly tail peeping out from the left trouser cuff of his appalling suit. Am I the only person who feels this way about Curtis? Probably yes - though, Devil Incarnate or not, there's no excusing those films.


  1. You are not alone.

    The punishments are still being devised for

    "Is it raining? I hadn't noticed"

    but nothing less than an eternity in hell would be just reward for "Love Actually"

  2. Ah, Nige, you are hooked, I knew it. Soon you will be posting from a box in Leicester Square, your wealth and family having been ditched in favour of the Blog God.

  3. I agree - no excusing those films (though no more debate on existence of religious bogey people, please).

    not familiar with Grandaddy but the minimalism of Philip Glass coupled with singing in the key of Neil Young gives me an urge to hunt them down with a substantial offcut of constructional timber. they might be good, nevertheless, but I wouldn't know - I've drawn a line under must-hear youth guitar bands some time ago.

  4. Susan B., Bill fan,May 21, 2007 9:03 pm

    No, no, no -- "The Girl in the Cafe" was a great film. And Bill Nighy the Divine starred in it! Admittedly, it would have been an even better film had it not had any politics in it (world powers meeting in Iceland), but then Curtis wouldn't have bothered to pen it.

    Bill Nighy also great in "Love, A.," though I must also admit there were some dull threads in that love fest, too (but not his!).

    The problem for you guys is that Curtis pens chick flicks and you can't stand 'em.

  5. The Wretched Curtis made a particularly awful and self-indulgent speech too....

  6. I'm not sure what a chick flick is, susan. no, I think it is just down to Curtis's awful characters and storylines.

    I do like Bill Nighy. He loves the same songs as me.

  7. Grandaddy are incredible - I particularly like how they create beautiful songs of almost moronic simplicity. You should definitely get hold of more - go earlier to earlier works rather than later (The Sophtware Slump and UnderWestern Freeway). I am a bit worried about the lead singers mental state, in the later albums the lyrics get very despondant.

  8. Congrats on the promotion, Nige! Are you getting a cut of the advert revenues?