Friday, May 25, 2007

Birdlife Latest

Here's a startling development - a pied wagtail has taken up residence amid the glistening marble turbine halls of NigeCorp HQ. It has been wagtailing around the place since the weekend and seems perfectly happy. Perhaps the NigeCorp waterfalls (think Hanging Gardens of Babylon, with a fascistic twist) have attracted this water-loving bird. What next? Maybe Bryan's favourite the Dipper (see blog homepage)? The pied wagtail is increasingly urban - on a winter evening recently I saw an entire tree-full of them settling down to roost on a suburban high st.
On the other hand, the NigeCorp bird might well be a goldfinch - or perhaps an African rhino...


  1. I'm ticking the box in the I-Spy directly... I'll cross off magpie too, just in case you're looking down the wrong end of the bins.

  2. Is a willie wagtail the same chap ?. Thanks BTW for the rspb bookmark.

  3. Emphatically not Vince! I believe there might be a Trotty Wagtail in Beatrix Potter somewhere...